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Integrity BioStrategies

Building effective strategy that connects to mission, values, and organizational dynamics for optimal success. Everything we do is with integrity and excellence. We inform you what you need to know.

Our team of accomplished experts takes an integrative approach to strategy across the spectrum of drug discovery to commercialization. Our proven execution and expertise are at your call to catch your blind spots and provide unique insights as an extension of your team

Our difference: Rapid growth requires flexible, simple, and expandable solutions; developed and delivered with integrity

What We Do For You

We meet you where you are to assist in integrating the stages of the product life cycle. Whether you are an early stage start up in the discovery stage, a pre-clinical company looking for investors, a clinical company preparing for a partnership or commercialization

Integrating the Stages
  • Early work in understanding commercial opportunity incorporating market access, payer and reimbursement components into the broader discovery, development, and pre-commercialization strategy; begin with the end in mind
  • Understand how to extract value from the entire specimen lifecycle
  • Build a roadmap strategy for organizational design, assess competency models and workforce plannings
  • Understand and identify key drug development needs across the pipeline, employing the right assay tools for each step.
Stage Specific Strategy Support

Services for Discovery and Pre-Clinical

Devising strategies for the research/service product market and the discovery/pre-clinical units within the biopharma organizations.

  • Designing custom workflows to reduce product development delays, enhancing team communication and delivery.
  • Provide comprehensive understanding for driving value by utilization of pharmacogenomics.
  • ...
  • Technical writing and SOP development for discovery level assay projects.
  • Comprehensive review of sales training, development and incentive plans to better manage highly networked B2B teams.
  • Translate research and customer centricity into new business development and growth with existing accounts and prospects.
  • Understand and identify key data and bioinformatics tools to maximize value and prioritize strategy for target identification.

Services for Clinical Trials

Building strategies for clinical trial management and support, to meet regulatory requirements and increase sample utilization.

  • Building a framework for CRO vendor oversight across to meet expectations of regulatory agencies and ICH guidelines.
  • Provide strategy and guidance in vendor and service selection for Clinical trial lab testing and biospecimen management.
  • ...
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of the current marketplace offerings for Biospecimen data analytics & digital transformation for clinical technology wearables

Services for Product Launch, Market Access and Post-Marketing

Developing strategies for a product launch starts early in the product life cycle. We can support you in the planning or execution stages, example services:

  • Commercialization strategy around target population, unmet need, market and treatment dynamics payer and reimbursement dynamics
  • Payer value proposition and communication strategy
  • ...
  • Reimbursement and Patient Support needs and framework
  • Understanding the payer and reimbursement landscape and how your product can best fit into the space
  • Provide strategic recommendations for Go-to-Market (GTM) products by evaluating real world evidence (RWE) to anticipate new label indication opportunities

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